Olivia - lady Rev. Olivia Titi-Ofei

Temple Christian College - Introduction

Bishop Titi-Ofei and I have been Pastors for over two decades. During this period we have had the privilege of counseling several Christian parents who are faced with the herculean task of raising godly Children in a perverse generation. Most of these parents are concerned about what their children are learning from school.

Temple Christian College is an initiative of Graduate School of Governance and Leadership, a Postgraduate Christian University accredited by National Accreditation Board and affiliated to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology (KNUST) aimed at complementing the efforts of Christian parents at raising godly children in a perverse generation by offering a world-class secondary education, taught by world qualified christian teachers who are supervised by our university lecturers in a secure scholarly environment that integrates faith and learning.

Our Mission

Temple Christian College aims to complement the effort of Christian Parents at raising godly children in a perverse generation by providing a world class Education that integrates faith and learning in a secure environment.

Our Vision

To develop the leadership potentials of our students growing them into servant leaders in the manner of Christ Jesus - livng a life of sincerity, service and sacrifice.